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25 Mar 2012

Changes to residents’ parking: Labour keeps its promise

' Last June Reading Borough Council’s new Labour administration made a commitment to reverse the changes brought in by the Lib Dem/Conservative coalition council, which had resulted in visitors’ permits being cut by half and the time of departure of overnight visitors being brought forward to 8am from 10am.
As your councillor I am writing to let you know that we have kept our promise after I and other members of the Labour group pressed the council to make changes.
Earlier this year we reversed the cut in visitor parking permits – and residents were given an extra book free of charge.
We have also now confirmed that overnight visitors will be able to stay until 10am on the same permit, rather than having to use a new visitor’s permit from 8am. (This will come into effect for new visitor permits issued after April 2nd).
As well as this Labour confirmed in the council budget for next year that the cost of second residents’ permits would remain the same (at £60).
In addition, other changes have been made to simplify renewal procedures for permits. From this year residents will be able to renew permits on line where there have been no changes to vehicle ownership. (The council has asked DLVA to put the process for new vehicles on line as the DVLA currently ask for new ownership documents to be seen by councils).'
Pinched from Battle Labour candidate for May 2012 Cllr Gul Khan : because good news needs sharing.

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