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14 Oct 2011

Out and about with Reading RESCUE

I have just got back from a very enjoyable 1 1/2 hours litter picking along the Thames towpath from the Roebuck hotel to Scours Lane.  I was working with a really friendly team from Blandy and Blandy and I would like to thank them for having me along.  It was part of the latest Reading RESCUE project.

We founds all sorts but mainly beer cans, cigarette and crisp packets although there were some odd finds.
Unfortunately we also found evidence of drug use in a small unused building and this has been reported.  I had to leave early as I had a meeting but the team from Blandy and Blandy carried on towards Rivermead.  This is what we collected in the section I helped with:
Reading RESCUE is an excellent project and I look forward to joining in with future events.  Here is a link to the press release about this successful event.

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